Welcome back from holidays -- and welcome to everyone who is new!

Postet av Fabio Balthasar Zeiser den 3. Aug 2020

Welcome back from holidays -- and welcome to everyone who is new!

So, are you back? I wondered when exactly we want to restart having regular trainings Mondays and Wednesday (+ when all the all additional trainings from GUC capoeira Sentrum / GUC capoeira i Oslo restart). I have to admit tat I did not check all the OSI/SIO regulations for the summer, yet, however, I assume that we can at least start with trainings outside. We'll have to check the requirements for SiO Athetica (inside trainings, especially when it rains / gets colder) more closely.

I hope you've had a great summer and I would like to remind everyone who is keen on starting training better yesterday than tomorrow on the (unfortunate) fact that you'll best follow all the many communications lines, like the "Oslo capoeirista" group; I guess you can pm to Philippe to become a member of that. There was e.g. a roda last Saturday at Sørenga, and Mestre Maclau will hold a training at Tøyen parken at 5pm tomorrow.
Let's get started with a lot of energy, good vibes and hopefully many new faces this semester!

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